Saturday, September 28, 2013


Well, good luck to everyone who is going to audition for Man of La Mancha!  Auditions are tomorrow, and Monday, with possible callbacks on Thursday.  

Attention families: be alert for signs of irrational behavior, panic attacks, ego deflation, and spontaneous instances of us talking to ourselves, or bursting into song.  This is a temporary condition, and it will pass.  Probably by Thursday night or Friday morning, at the latest.

Good luck to the audition panel, as well. Hope we don't bore you, or torment you, too much!

Lisa:  Another candidate for Dulcinea, guys
Panel:  [replies]

The audition forms we have been asked to fill out ask us to state the role for which we are auditioning, and then asks for another role we would consider. WHY SO CONSERVATIVE?  In some places, you can audition for ALL the roles.  At the same time.  And maybe get them, too. Now THAT would save on transportation costs, not to mention coffee and tea at rehearals.

You probably think that my cats have been sharing their catnip with me, but - no.  Check this out:

Now go practice your audition.  Or Nick will get ALL the roles.

Break a leg, one and all.  Also, remember:  the chorus has more fun, and less tummy aches.  :)

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