Friday, September 20, 2013

An Ode to Auditions

I can hardly describe my condition
as i start to prepare my audition.

I've memorized pages and pages of text
but cannot remember what lines should come next.

I'm diligently working on singing the song
but somehow it always is coming out wrong.

First is a chorus and then comes the verse;
when singing with feeling i sound even worse.

I hate the composer, it's really his fault:
The role calls for mezzo and i'm a mere alt.

I'm acting with passion and dancing with flair
and living on lettuce and dying my hair.

The girl should be lovely, and I'm rather plain.
These awful auditions are always a pain.

There's drama and tension but still it should bore us.
The chances are high i'll end up in the chorus!


  1. Yamima, the blog is great! Kol haKavod! Judy

    1. Thanks!! Wish i could figure out how people can sign up for notificaitons when there's a new post. Know any internet geniuses who could help?