Monday, September 16, 2013

And So It Begins

It's that time of year again.  The High Holidays arrive, the evenings get cooler, and LOGON rehearsals begin. 

We've just started rehearsals for this year's show, and it feels good to see the old gang (plus some new faces) together again.  Some of us have been doing this for over thirty years, for some this is the first time. Some of us are well past retirement, and some of us have yet to finish high school.  Some of us were born here, some of us live here, some of us are only passing through on our way to a medical degree and somewhere else. We have one thing in common:  we all want to be in the next production of the Light Opera Group of the Negev (call us LOGON for short).

We do musical theater. We do it all over Israel, we do one production per year, and we do it in English. With subtitles (in Hebrew and Russian). We start rehearsals in the fall, we have auditions (even the word makes my tummy hurt) for roles, we learn the music.  So it begins.  In a few months, good Lord willing and the crik don't rise, we'll have ourselves a show.  Would you like to come along for the ride?  Keep reading.

This year we'll be performing "Man of La Mancha", based on Miguel Cervantes' novel "Don Quixote".  You know the song "The Impossible Dream"?  That show.  Quite a change from last year's production of "Beauty & The Beast", and not exactly "My Fair Lady" or "Fiddler on the Roof", either (we've done those already).  But it's one hell of a play!

I'm going to try and tell the story of this year in LOGON.  I'll be talking about LOGON, about the play, about the production, about the people, and about the whole process of "hey guys let's put on a show in the old barn".   I'm also going to try to be funny (wish me luck), interesting, and informative.  This is my first try at blogging, so feel free to send feedback, questions, and comments.  See you again soon!  From beautiful downtown Beer Sheva,  bye for now.


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