Sunday, January 25, 2015

T minus 3 1/2 weeks, and counting

Here we go, folks, hurtling towards opening night (less than four weeks to curtain up!) - rehearsals are now four nights per week, the scenery has arrived at the rehearsal hall, costumes should be completed in the next few days.  You can feel the excitement - or is that anxiety? - in the steady hum and buzz throughout the rehearsal hours.  

What if I forget my lines, or leave my costume at home, or get laryngitis and can't sing?

We should all know our lines cold by now, but some of us (mostly me, actually) don't.  And neither do our erstwhile prompters, which can lead to some amazing dialogue.

Mendel: "Reb Lazar, don't shame Reb Tevya at his daughter's wedding!"

[silence]  [somebody calls out: LINE]

Prompter:  why should i listen to you, a man who breaks an agreement

Assorted: no, we said that already - no, that's later - no, that's after the chickens - who says that? didn't he say that before? that's Lazar's line. Where are we? Did we do that part already?

Sheindel:  "What's done is done"  [which is a good guess because somehow that line shows up at least three times in this scene, so - go for it, Sheindel!]

We should all know exactly where we are supposed to be on stage at every moment, but we don't.  Sometimes this can be a problem.

Note to self: it is not considered polite to drive your stiletto heel into the toe of that person who keeps shoving in front of you during the song. 

Second note to self:  remember not to start wandering around aimlessly when you forget where you're supposed to go.  Someone might stab you with their stiletto heel.

We just "met" the scenery last night, and since the cast is also most of the  stage crew, this led to some interesting developments at rehearsal last night (a fender-bender accident between a butcher shop and a barn, for example).

On a personal note, i've discovered that i look TERRIBLE in a kerchief.

Sort of like this, but without the 'adorable'

May have to wear sun glasses so that nobody recognizes me.  How about that, a cool/stoner version of Yente.

Now, lest you think all is total chaos (ha ha ha, what ever gave you THAT impression?), please check this out:  Remember a while back we talked about getting up at dawn to film a promo clip? Well, we finished it, and here it is. ENJOY!

Things really are moving along. We're seeing characters develop, we're seeing the dances starting to really take shape, we're seeing the director's hair go grey..... it's all very thrilling. Tickets are on sale and if you want good seats - actually, if you want any seats at all! - you might want to order your tickets NOW.   For further information:

Watch this space for more updates as we round the far turn and gallop/limp/stumble/charge into the home stretch....

and if you should notice me asleep in some corner, please don't wake me up. Thank you in advance!