Monday, October 7, 2013

The Mouse that Roared

So picture this:

A dank, shadowy dungeon of the Spanish Inquisition, circa 1600.  Below are the individual cells. Above is the holding cell, where murderers, rapists, and various other dubious types await their fates.  One prisoner in the holding cell is the informal "boss"; the script describes this prisoner as "a big man with obvious authority".  

So who gets this part?

Me.  A small middle aged woman with grey hair.  

My son suggested changing the description from "a big man with obvious authority" to "A cranky, mean spirited old lady who smacks unruly prisoners with her purse".  

Remember her?

But did they even have purses back then? 

Since i'm not sure, let's try another tack.  Perhaps if the 'boss' had some serious muscle to maintain her authority?

You were saying?

OK, so I just called the director to suggest bodyguards, but he said no way, not enough men in the cast as it is. 

Of course, there have been some vertically challenged characters who could pull it off.

  Frodo Baggins did it

Tyrion Lannister does it

Perhaps i, too, can pull it off with just the sheer force of my personality? 

Maybe not.  Guess I'll just have to practice and practice and practice, until i get it right......

If all else fails, I'll have to depend on the costume department.

(image from

Nobody messes with Lady Knights.  That should do the trick........

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